Ahold Black Hills Spruce Tree

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Ahold Black Hills Spruce Tree.


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Exposure: Full sun. Spacing: 8-16 ft. apart. Cold hardiness: -50° to -40°F. Fertilize: In spring, just before new growth. Avg. Height x Width: 40' h x 16' w. Water: Keep soil moist until well established, then water regularly as needed. How to care for your living tree. For maximum beauty and safety, follow in your home care and outdoors planting instructions below... In your home... 1. Place the tree in a water-tight container such as a tub or pail. 2. Soak root ball thoroughly and keep moist throughout its stay in your home. Check ball daily, it may require two quarts to one gallon of water daily. 3. Decorate carefully. Small, cool "twinkle lights" are recommended. 4. Don't keep tree in your home longer than 5-7 days (longer period could cause tree to break dormancy, resulting in transplant shock). Outdoors... 5. In cold climate, after removal from indoors, store tree in cool, ventilated garage, porch or protected area for 10-12 days to acclimate it to cold before planting (check root ball daily and keep moist as before). Dig hole larger than earthball or roots. Remove plastic container carefully in two or three places. 7. Set earthball into ground so that top is slightly below ground level. Fill hole with good topsoil. Add peat moss to help retain moisture. Firm soil around to eliminate air pockets. Soak thoroughly. 8. Water weekly and fertilize per manufacturer's recommendation.
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This product does not contain any of the common food allergens.

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